Danish Center for Culture and Development

DCCD is an independent institution referring to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Its aim is to strengthen cultural co-operation with the developing countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, the Caribbean and the Pacific. DCCD works for a culturally diverse world based on respect for the basic human rights, common human values and tolerance. Cultural exchange is seen as a means to strengthen dialogue, international understanding, democracy and civil society. DCCD gives priority to the contemporary culture which unites history and tradition with contemporary challenges and needs. DCCD offers financial support, advice, and information to institutions, organizations and individuals who collaborate with developing countries. In addition to that, the DCCD itself initiates and co-ordinates projects such as the nation-wide Images festivals.

Nytorv 17 1
DK-1450 Copenhagen

phone +45 3317 9700
fax +45 3317 9701
email: js@dccd.dk

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