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Jimmie Durham
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An exploration of the world

“Some collide, some escape”: This was the title of a 2005 exhibition of works by Jimmie Durham that was held in a former cow barn belonging to Berlin’s Humboldt-Universität. The barn had been a site of agricultural research in the days of socialism. “Some collide, some escape” – a good name for Durham’s art, which is made up of contradictions.
Durham opened “Some collide, some escape” with a vegetarian performance – he ate a flower – and, in the university cow barn, revealed his artistic cosmos. On display were an old toothbrush among rotten apples, medical instruments adorned with feathers, egg shells, bones, pelts and a good deal more. The exhibition constituted an exploration of the world, an exploration of the everyday. Durham’s presentations were at times called “Alltags-Ethnologien” – ethnologies of the everyday.

There are many strands in Durham’s art. He was born in Washington, Arkansas in 1940 and is of Cherokee descent. He is a poet as well as a visual and performance artist. In the 1960s he realized theater projects, and he mounted his first solo exhibition in 1965 in Austin. In 1969 he moved to Geneva, later to Mexico. Durham’s work as an artist cannot be seen separately from his engagement as a political activist and leading proponent of the Native American civil rights movement since the early 1960s. He was a co-founder of the International Indian Treaty Council and represented the organization at the United Nations. In 1998 Durham moved to Berlin, where he lived initially as a guest of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

As an artist, Durham oscillates between many poles. Text and language define his work. It often contains a wonderful poetic quality, as in the piece he created for the 1992 documenta exhibition in Kassel. He called the small, casually presented two-part stone work “This Stone is from the Mountain / This Stone is from the Red Palace.” The piece was a greatly ironic highlight of that year’s show, and a commentary on our exhibition culture, on the reverence with which we encounter exhibited works. They should not be believed, he once wrote – just as we should renounce faith in general: “Believe nothing. Belief is an evil, inhuman phenomenon. Humans evolved to question and to investigate; not to believe.”

Durham called another exhibition, held at the Kunstverein in Munich, “Between the Furniture and the Building.” Here he showed “St. Frigo,” a refrigerator that had been demolished by hurled stones – the “opposite of a sculpture,” as he put it: “It took nine or ten days. Every morning I threw stones at the refrigerator. It was as if I were just going to work. You leave home early in the morning and throw cobblestones at the fridge, until you’ve changed its shape … Instead of carving a sculpture out of the stone with tools, I wanted to use the stone itself as a tool. Not to create a new form, but to change an already existing object.” Stoning an innocent refrigerator – is it rage that is being articulated here?

Works by Durham present themselves in diverse ways. He has designed a stage set for an opera at the Staatsoper in Berlin; in his exhibitions he has displayed petrified cake, a petrified rubber ball, and an over-dimensioned locked iron door lying on the floor. Often the artist aims to evoke confusion. Another important area of his work is artist’s books that combine literary texts with photographs of his performances or with drawings. In them, Durham muses at length about language, words and writing, their origins and their functions.

It is perhaps fitting that the artist deals with the origins of words – he who all his life has restlessly moved from country to country, who once described himself as a “homeless orphan” who has no home but never stops longing for one. Durham sees himself neither as an Indian nor as an American artist. He has lived in Marseille, Brussels, many places in the United States, in Mexico and Europe, and now in Rome.

His art is hardly imaginable without this constant change of location. Durham is a gatherer, an arranger of the everyday. He brings things together, arranges – or destroys: He once demolished an exhibition display case with a stone that, according to the artist, came from Metternich’s house. But can one believe him? One thing is true in any case: In Sydney he dropped a huge boulder onto a perfectly good car.

Author: Marc Peschke


Jimmie Durham was born in 1940 in Washington, Arkansas, in the USA and belongs to the Cherokee Indians. Since the mid-60s he has given performance (´My Land´, in the Alley Theatre, Houston, Texas, with Muhammed Ali and Vivian Allen in 1964) and has published poems as well as articles in the alternative press of Austin, Texas. In 1969 he moved to Geneva, where he gave many street performances in 1972 and then studied at the École des Beaux Arts at the university. In 1973 he moved to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Till 1980 he was a member of the central council of the American Indian movement, from 1975-9 also the executive director of the International Treaty Council in New York and its representative in the UNO as well as the co-publisher of Treaty Council News from 1975-80 and the author of many political articles. From 1981-3 Durham was the director of the Foundation for the Community of Artists (FCA) in New York and from 1982-5 the publisher of the magazine ´Art and Artist Newspaper´. In 1986, together with Jean Fisher he took care of the mobile exhibition ´Ni Go Tlunh a Doh ka´ / ´We are always turning around on purpose? in the State University of New York in Old Westbury, and in 1987 the exhibition ´We The People´ in the Artists Space in New York. From 1987-94 he lived and worked in Mexico, then in Tokyo, Dublin and Ghent. He spent two years in Brussels and was then in Marseilles and Stockholm. In 1997 he was given a daad award for Berlin, where he has been living and working with Maria Thereza Alves sind 1998.

Durham has published many poems and texts in books and magazines like Artforum, Art Journal, Black Scholar and Third Text. Four poems appeared in Harper´s Anthology of 20th Century Native American Poetry (New York / San Francisco: Diane Niatum / Harper & Row, 1988. He has illustrated many catalogues for exhibitions like ´10 Voyages conceptual´ and ´Resurrection´ (both at the Stella Lohaus Gallery, Antwerp, 1995 and 1996) and published art books: ´Do it´ (1994 and 1996); ´Der Verführer und der Steinerne Gast´ (1996); ´Unbuilt Roads´ (1997); ´Between the Furniture and the Building (Between a Rock und a Hard Place)´ (1998); ´Facts & Fiction: Arte e narrazione´ (1998); ´Stoneheart´ (2001). He has also brought anthologies out like ´The East London Coelacanth´ (London: ICA / Bookworks, 1992) and ´A certain lack of coherence. Writings on art and cultural politics" (London: Kala Press, 1994).


Durham, Jimmie. Rejected Stones… / Pierres rejetées…

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Catalogue (FR./EN). Edited by Musée d´art moderne de la Ville de Paris. Texts by Pascal Beausse, Sandra Cattini, Anselm Franke, Anri Sala and others

The Second Particle Wave Theory

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The American West

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Catalogue (EN). Curators: Jimmie Durham and Richard Hill. Texts by Jimmie Durham, Jean Fisher, Bonnie Fultz, Jen Budney, Simon Ortiz, Richard William Hill. Comton Verney

Jimmie Durham

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Catalogue (EN/IT). Texts by Jimmie Durham, Anna Daneri, Roberto Pinto and others. Milano

Stone Heart

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Fact and Fiction: Arte e narrazione

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Between the Furniture and the Building (Between a Rock and a Hard Place)

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Unbuilt Roads

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Der Verführer und der Steinerne Gast

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Jimmie Durham

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by Laura Mulvey/Dirk Snauwaert/Mark Alice Durant, London: Phaidon Press 1995

A certain lack of coherence. Writings on art and cultural politics

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The East London Coelacanth

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