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diversity, globalisation, identity, interculturalism, multi-culturalism
Visual Arts (curating art)
Europe, Nordic
Norway, Sweden
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September 16, 2007
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Marith Hope


Marith Hope

Cross-cultural curator

Marith Hope was educated as an artist in the UK and now works as a curator in Oslo, Norway. She has played and important role in introducing non-western art to Norway and facilitated with her expertise many cross-cultural collaborations.
She has curated several exhibitions, among them Contemporary Art from South Africa, Sanaa Africa - contemporary art from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Botswana and Mozambique, Living Traditions from Pakistan, Vietnam Express, young art from Vietnam, Trans//form, international artists living in Sweden, Denmark and Norway for Intercult, DSV and Gallery Shambala, Glokal Art - international artists living in Norway.
Hope also curated the exhibition Absences, together with David Elliott, then director of the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, now director at Istanbul Modern. That was an important show of artists from South America.
Hope was formerly director and head of programming of director of Norska Riksutstillingar, a government agency responsible to preserve our cultural heritage by developing and communicating experiences of this heritage, thus providing a perspective on the development of society.
Marith Hope was curator for Trans//Form, Artists in Transit in 2001.
Trans//Form was a Nordic Collaborative venture between Intercult/Sweden, Galleri Shambala/Denmark, Artists in Motion and DSV/Norway.
The point of departure was to create an exhibition with artists in the Nordic countries who have one thing in common; another cultural background. The artists represented came from diverse geographies and backgrounds.
Thirteen artists participated; the majority of whom had non-Nordic cultural backgrounds, even though they lived and worked in Nordic countries. Marith Hope selected the artists on the criteria of their work, not by what they ”represent” with regards to gender, nationality, religion or political preferences.
The progress and success of international art shows has enabled an increasing amount of artists to build/develop embark on international careers before establishing themselves in their own respective homeland. This is greatly thanks to freestanding independent and talented curators that work as the connecting element between the artists and the exhibition locations. Without these curators and their expertise, this development would not be able to take place.
Hope has held several positions within Norwegian art institutions, such as Board Director of The Norwegian Association for Textile Artists, Nordic Commissioner for the Venice Biennale 1997, Board Director of Damini House of Indian Culture and Dance and is a member of the Advisory Group for the Minister of Culture´s Year of Cultural Diversity 2008. She is an advisor to the ongoing SEAS project, initiated by Intercult.
Marith Hope is currently working as Project Manager for the Year of Cultural Diversity 2008, and at The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design.
Author: Annika Salomonsson


Jacob Cramer College of Art
Leeds College of Art diploma
Goldsmith College of Art London
BA - Art History, Oslo University

Manager of Buskerud Regional Art Centre 1982-1992
Head of Touring Department, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo 1992-1996
Head of Exhibitions - The National Touring Exhibitions, Norway
Director - The National Touring Exhibitions 2003-2005
Currently working as Project Manager - for the Year of Cultural Diversity 2008,
The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design.


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